Alternator Repair and Replacement


Alternators can be troublesome.  Some of the signs that the alternator is failing is if you have a battery guage that keeps dropping down below voltage or if you do not have a power guage on your dash the battery light will come on.  Quickly and carfully bring your vehicle to us so we can get it changed.   Alternators will make it so your vehicle wont hold a charge and when you drive your vehicle you could stall out or make your vehicle inoperable.  Alternators can be a nightmare but we know how precious your vehicle is and how valuable your time is without your vehicle. 

Our alternator turn around time can be a day or two depending on if we install a good brand new one or a couple days for a rebuilt one.


At either rate, carrs auto electric can get the alternator for you and we can get it put in by our mechanics.  Call us today at Monroe's 231-773-0005 or Carr Auto Electric 231-788-0793